Meet our Team

Nathan  Loeppky
Nathan Loeppky
General Manager

Nathan's goal is for all clientele whether sales or service to be treated fair with honesty and integrity.

Darrell  Nordstrom
Darrell Nordstrom
Sales Manager

Darrell’s expertise is knowing vehicles, understanding people, and building life-long relationships.

Bruce   Dueck
Bruce Dueck
Financial Services Manager

Bruce’s expertise is helping his clients navigate and understand the lease, financing and warranty options available.

Logan Peters
Logan Peters
Sales & Product Advisor

Logan has a passion for cars, a love for Mazda and the energy to make that combination a powerhouse to serve his customers well.

Brittany   Reimer
Brittany Reimer
Office Administrator

Brit delivers award-winning customer service, aiming to handle all your needs with professionalism and genuine care.

Nathan  Solnik
Nathan Solnik
Warranty Specialist and Parts/Service Manager

Nathan’s more than a decade of parts & service experience gives you the confidence of great care, vast product and function knowledge.

Peter   Warkentin
Peter Warkentin

Peter’s expertise allows him to give you top-notch, gentle, knowledgeable and detailed service when you bring your vehicle in.

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Ashley Coles
Ashley Coles

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